Mar 252013

Computer Temperature Trends Through Wednesday

Computer Temperature Trends Through Wednesday

Another snow moved through the Ozarks on Sunday with totals over 5″ common in areas north of Springfield.  Only flurries are expected today.

Snow Totals

Snow Contours from Sunday's Storm

Snow Contours from Sunday’s Storm

1.3″ of snow was officially measured  at the National Weather Service in Springfield. This brings the March snow total to 4.3″ and the winter total to 11.3″.  Like on Thursday, this snow was wet and fell in air temperatures close to freezing so Springfield didn’t experience much of a road travel problem.

The snow north of Springfield was heavier. Areas of Vernon, Cedar, Benton Counties got between 4-6″ inches. Similar totals were common around the Lake of the Ozarks region from this storm.


For late March, this is cold air! Wind chill readings have been hovering in the lower teens early this morning.

Today’s highs will only reach into the thirties.  This is more than twenty degrees below the average temperatures expected for this time in March!

Flurries will be whipping around with no major accumulation expected today.

Wet March

March Precipitation in Springfield, MO

March Precipitation in Springfield, MO

It’s nice to see precipitation heading into Spring, even if it is snow!  The monthly total for Springfield is 3.98″.

Wet March 2013

Wet March 2013

Over the past 30 days, all of the Ozarks has experienced above normal precipitation. Some areas east of Springfield have picked up close to 3″ above the normal precipitation for the period.

Chilly then a Warm-Up

The temperatures will stall here for a few days as a cold high slowly drifts over the central U.S.  Thirties today will be followed by forties on Tuesday.

By Wednesday, I’m hoping for fifty!

The rest of the week looks mild with fifties and even sixties coming back into the forecast!

More Showers

The next rain makers for the Ozarks start showing up around Friday and Saturday. They don’t look huge at this point but perhaps its enough for us not to loose ground on recent nice precipitation rounds.

It looks like possible more active weather on the Spring side of the equation for a change next week.



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