Mar 262013

Computer Temperature Trends

Computer Temperature Trends

It’s been cold!  And snowy.  This pattern is easing over the Ozarks leading to milder conditions by weeks’ end.

Cold Snap

This morning the Ozarks is well down in the twenties!  At least the wind has eased a bit (wind chills yesterday were in the teens the entire day!). That’s not to say we’ll feel warm. High temperatures will only manage to climb into the thirties later today.

Temperatures on the Mend

A gradual increase in temperature is in my forecast for the next few days.  The latest cold high will be slipping away allowing conditions to warm. The graph shown indicates fifties by Thursday and I agree,

This type of temperature, or even warmer, will last into the weekend.

My seven day forecast for Springfield is online everyday.

More Rain

We could always use more rain this spring. We’re ahead in precipitation this March and more showers are on the way.

Several shots at rain are coming at us through the weekend.  One minor chance pops up already by tomorrow.

The chances for showers increase by Friday and this weekend as humidity increases and several small disturbances pass over the Ozarks.

A cool front looks probable in the Sunday/Monday time frame which will end the shower threat.

Cold Front/Western Disturbance

Upper Flow (Two Models) Forecast for Sunday Night

Upper Flow (Two Models) Forecast for Sunday Night

The next shot of colder air will settle into the region early next week.

There is a wild card of sorts in the works.  An upper level low which will “dislodge” itself into the central U.S. sometime early next week. How much cold air will still be in place when it does?  The models differ.  I don’t have the heart to tell you what that might mean!  Enough said, April is coming, right?





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