Getting Warmer! Chances for Rain

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Mar 272013

Potential Precipitation Accumulation Through Model (Models)

Potential Precipitation Accumulation Through Model (Models)

Temperatures are beginning to climb which is the best news I can deliver as we continue to shiver our way through March!

My seven day forecast posted daily.

Heading Up

The latest in a series of cold high pressure systems is easing eastward this morning. It was brought in by a flow pattern aloft featuring very cold air.  This pattern is easing and will continue to do so for the next few days and into the weekend.

As for today, warmer but not completely sunny as the first in a series of weak disturbances take a shot at bringing clouds and showers to the area.  The impact will be small on the area with light rain showers only affecting folks living closer to central and eastern Missouri.

I expect highs today to remain in the forties up north to well into the fifties in northwest Arkansas.


This day wins in terms of temperature and dry conditions.  Warmer across the board, into the fifties in most areas.  Rain will come back into the picture by Thursday night for some folks.

Rain Chances

March 2013 Temperatures

March 2013 Temperatures

The chance for rain is present for a few days with several more disturbances coming at us. With each new chance, the coverage and amounts should rise.

By the weekend, thunder will be mixed in with the rain.  I don’t see any threat of severe weather.

We have a chance to pick up anywhere from .90 – 1.40″ of precipitation through Monday in Springfield. Great news for keeping the drought from creeping back.

Mild Weather Weekend

Despite rain chances, the weekend will feel much more like Spring.  With any luck, enough sun will get through on both Saturday and Sunday to boost readings into the sixties!

Cold Front

Sorry folks, no April’s Fool but another cold front will snap our temperatures back once again starting on Monday.  Highs will go back into the 40’s

A system riding into the southern U.S. during this time may tap this colder air and, yes, snow is not out of the question at least briefly on early next week!



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