Mar 292013

Computer Model Temperature Trends

Computer Model Temperature Trends

It’s a forecast which includes thunder, sixties and snow as Easter Sunday and the first days of April come into sight.

Showers Today

Early morning radar shows rain showers and some thunder rumbles out there. Light to moderate rain at times. The bands of rain are sliding ESE and will begin to depart the area by late morning and early afternoon.

More showers and a few thundershowers will form later tonight in a similar pattern.  These I think might lean a tad more to the south, be slightly heavier and track in about the same way.

Staying Warm

It will stay warm through the weekend!  Highs will be in the sixties today through Sunday.  Easter Sunday looks great with clearing skies and highs in the lower and middle sixties!

A wind-shift will come in Saturday evening and provide the focus for another round of showers and storms. A few of these storms out over Kansas and Oklahoma could develop some gusty winds and hail but as of now, this doesn’t look like a huge issue for the Ozarks on Saturday.

The rain and thunder along this wind in the wind will be healthy, nice additional Spring rains! And it will be gone by early Sunday morning.

Some Monday Snow?

Some Monday Snow?

Cold/Snow Shot

The beginning of April unfortunately will start cold once again as we go back to our old ways of highs in the forties and lows in the twenties.  This will be the case on Monday and Tuesday with more mild conditions by the end of next week.

On Monday, a mix of rain and snow will develop behind the cold air advance and by nightfall could just be pure snow in the Ozarks.


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