Mar 302013

Conditions for Severe Storms

Conditions for Severe Storms

A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for areas of western Missouri west and northwest of Springfield (and a chunk of southeastern Kansas) until 10 p.m.

The air out over eastern Kansas and extreme western Missouri is becoming more unstable this afternoon with increased heating as the clouds move east and with higher humidity coming up from the south.

There are also some boundaries. One cool air boundary was left behind by the morning and early afternoon batch of rain. Another wind shift will be advancing on the area from the northwest later today.

This is mainly a hail and strong wind threat for the watch area.  An isolated weak tornado risk is possible if a supercell can 1) hold together long enough in a marginal shear environment and 2) such a cell can follow the cool air boundary mentioned above.

Any storms which become severe will quickly diminish by early evening.  The Ozarks are largely not affected by this threat but folks in the watch area should monitor radar and warnings throughout the early evening.

With regard to a storm chase, I have about one hour to watch and decide. This would be a private chase, mostly to test equipment and procedures.

If you don’t already know, I’ll be hosting storm chase tours this Spring with the first window coming up next weekend.  Sign up!


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