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Apr 142013

quick_shot“Tornado Ted’s Storm Chasing Tour” is announcing a new tour option!

The “Lock and Load” tours are designed for storm chases which would take place within a 4-7 hour drive of Springfield. These require an overnight stay so that the group isn’t crawling back at 3-5 a.m.!

Now, there might be chase opportunities which might occur within 1-4 hours of Springfield (some might be coming up!). These are close enough to come back the same day, perhaps in 10 p,m. to 1 a.m. time frame.  This would include areas of northeastern Oklahoma, southeastern Kansas, western Missouri, southeastern Missouri and northeastern Arkansas.  These are all areas which are reasonably flat terrain which is chase-able.

If you can spare one day, you might want to consider these new “Quick Shot” tours.  They are being offered at $199 per passenger.

Cash Back! The more that travel, the better.  The “Quick Shot” tour can put money back in your wallet based on the number of guests:

One Guest

2 Guests

3 Guests

4 Guests

No Refund

$10 back

$20 back

$30 back


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