Apr 232013

Radar/Temperatures at 6:20 a.m.

Radar/Temperatures at 6:20 a.m.

A steady rain has moved into the Ozarks this morning and the day will get progressively colder.

Cold and Wet

In fact, snow is accumulating in portions of northwest Missouri!  The air is much colder just northwest of us supporting snow in portions of Missouri and Kansas.

We have the rain with some embedded thunder which will be around most of the morning.

Our temperatures will start to tumble. Readings in the fifties this morning are as warm as we’ll see all day. By dinner, temperatures in Springfield will be in the lower forties.

The light showers will last into the overnight hours. It’s not impossible for some snow flurries here in the Ozarks!

Flirting With Frost

It’s another few cold mornings for the Ozarks here in late April.  Tonight, we’ll be near freezing but clouds and a breeze will actual help to deter widespread frost.  The better chance might very well be on Thursday morning.

Wednesday and Thursday look like pretty good days with sunshine and a slightly cool pattern for the time of year.

By Friday, I see more rain and perhaps some thunder rolling back through the Ozarks.  The steady shots of rain are welcome!  Some these showers might be around on Saturday.

I think generally the weekend looks drier and warmer, a pattern which should last until Monday and beyond.

This mornings’ “One Minute Weather” video:

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