Apr 242013

April 2013 Temperatures Through the 23rd

April 2013 Temperatures Through the 23rd

While light snow is showing up on radar and has been reported in portions of the Ozarks, upper seventies are also in the forecast!

Yep, some light snow (and some rain mix) is passing mostly through areas north of Springfield.  No significant accumulations are expected with this area but some of you will see it on the grass up north for a short time this morning.

The temperatures will be cool for the season today, reaching only into the upper fifties.

We are setting up a frosty condition for Thursday morning as temperatures hover around freezing once again.  But also on Thursday is the beginning of a much warmer temperature pattern for the Ozarks.

Sixties will come back for daytime highs on Thursday and will be replaced by seventies this weekend and to close out April!  This is part of what has been a wavy, roller coaster ride on April temperatures as shown in the insert.

Rain chances on Friday look pretty good as an upper level system (not connected to a cold front!) moves over increasingly rich humidity from the Gulf of Mexico.  We should avoid severe weather and just get the rain benefit with this one!  It might be another .50 to 1.00″ rain.

Warmer temperatures should last into next week.  The jet stream is retreating northward and stalling a bit next week. The result should be and extended period of warmer weather for the beginning of May!


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