Apr 252013

Rain Projection for Friday/Early Saturday

Rain Projection for Friday/Early Saturday

Temperatures are at or around freezing this morning leading to some scattered frost. A big rebound in temperature is expected today.

The fourth shot of cold air this April will begin to leave today as daytime readings shoot into the sixties.

On Friday, clouds and rain will set the temperature pattern back a few steps with many areas only reaching the fifties.

The Friday rain seems to be shaping up to be a beneficial one. It looks like the Ozarks will receive anywhere from.25 to .75″ of rain. The heavier rain should target areas south of Springfield with northern Arkansas picking up the most.

The weekend will progressively dry out and warm up!  I see sixties on Saturday and seventies by Sunday.

The pattern of even warmer weather should last into the first part of next week.  A few upper seventies are possible.

Here is this mornings’ “One Minute Weather”:


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