Apr 272013

Radar Rain Estimates For Friday/Early Saturday

Radar Rain Estimates For Friday/Early Saturday

Springfield had a record 24 hour on Friday. More lighter showers are on tap for today.

An upper level low will travel across Missouri and Arkansas today.  Bands of light showers can be seen rotating around this feature and will be a part of the forecast for the remainder of today. Clouds will also be the rule along with restricted temperatures in the fifties.

1.74″ of rain fell in Springfield midnight to midnight on Friday. This breaks the old record of .96″ in 1980.  Our April total in Springfield now is a whopping 5.46″, well ahead of normal. The insert shows radar rain estimates for the area ending this morning.  The heaviest rain fell east of Springfield in portions of Wright, Texas and Howell Counties.

Sunday looks brighter and warmer!  I think lower seventies are possible across much of the area on Sunday.

The seventies don’t stop there.  Monday and Tuesday will be even warmer. In fact, I have eighty for a high on Tuesday!

A cold front will eventually drop into the area on Wednesday. Showers and some thunderstorms will likely form with this feature.

Colder air will once again drop into our area by late week. This looks like a possible extended period of much below average temperatures which will last into next weekend.


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