Apr 292013

Forecast  of Upper Low Friday Evening

Forecast of Upper Low Friday Evening

The Ozarks have three days of real Spring warmth before another substantial cold front plows through on late Wednesday.

Today and Tuesday will feature a nice southerly breeze, plenty of sun and warm temperatures. The Ozarks should have no problem reaching into the lowers eighties on both days.  Wednesday has the potential to be nearly as warm.

A strong cold front will come through Wednesday night.  it doesn’t look like a lot of showers or storms are possible out ahead of this feature.

The main story in the forecast is the formation of a “cut off” area of low pressure which is forecast to churn very chilly air for the season around in the central U.S. starting late on Thursday and lasting into the weekend.

This feature will keep temperatures very chilly for what will be early May.  I expect highs only in the forties on Friday. Lows will commonly drop into the thirties from Friday morning through the weekend.

The frost potential really depends more on wind and cloud cover, both of which are expected to maintain themselves to a certain extent through this period. Each morning will have to be evaluated.

We also have a good rain potential with this stuck system.  The heaviest rain will end up on the northern end of the low and so where it finally sets up will control the rain.  My feeling is that the Ozarks is due for .50-1.50″ rain totals from Thursday into a portion of the weekend.




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