Apr 292013

Best Combo of Shear and Instability Late Monday

Best Combo of Shear and Instability Late Monday

I have a new type of storm chase tour which doesn’t require an overnight stay and an opportunity may be coming up on Monday, April 29th.

It’s all about distance from Springfield and terrain.  If the drive is no more than four hours and the chase country acceptable, then I can take guests to the severe storm and have them back by late on the same day.

Such a set-up might happen tomorrow.  The chase zone would be right along or north of I-70 in a corridor from northeastern Kansas eastward into Missouri.

You can read about the initial offering of this “Quick Shot” chase here.

These are great chase opportunities because the time requirement is fairly small. For instance, I see the chase leaving Springfield in the early afternoon and then getting back into town no later than 1 a.m.

The set-up includes a fairly unstable air mass building south of a weak temperature boundary. The disturbance in the upper atmosphere will provide just enough wind shear locally to perhaps put one or two storms in the supercell category.  There is a weak cap in place, one of the questions would be whether this can be broken effectively.

The storms would get going by say 6 p.m. and last past dark. We could effectively only chase up until about eight o’clock.

If you would like to go on the tour, the cost is $199.  A cash back system is in place which puts money back in you hands based on the number of people who go.  The above-linked blog explains this in more detail.

Send me an e-mail or contact me through social media if you want to go!

I’ll make a final decision by late morning Monday.



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