May 162013

Rough Idea of Severe Storm Areas Saturday - Monday

Rough Idea of Severe Storm Areas Saturday – Monday

Clear your calendar this weekend and Monday because I think I can put together some very exciting storm chasing tours!

In light of what might be the most extensive multiple day severe outbreak of the season, I have been putting together some special storm chase tours. These will take into consideration the gradual movement to the east of the severe weather each day to give tour guests the absolute most for their investment.

Let me emphasize that this is a big series of days! Severe weather would be virtually guaranteed on each day!  Tornadoes will occur. 

Don’t miss this opportunity!  The pricing is incredibly good considering the potential for seeing severe thunderstorms!

Here are the two options:

Option One: Extended Lock and Load

The spirit of the “Lock and Load” chase tour is to wait for a severe weather threat to appear and then go after it.  We chase storms the first day, stay overnight and then drive back the next day (without a chase).

Now the potential advantage in the set-up this weekend is the chance to chase storms on the second day too!  All that is required is for the chase to be close enough to home to get back home without a second night stay.

Based on current computer model projections, this would be a chase on Saturday, stay overnight Saturday and then chase again on Sunday, arriving home late on Sunday evening.

I can offer this for only $599 per passenger.

I also giving cash back to guests if the total number of guests is two or more.

Option Two: Two Nights, Three Chase Days

This one is tailored just for this event.  Just like above, I would add on another day for a total of three chase days.  It would be two nights of overnight stay, Saturday and Sunday. We would arrive back in Springfield late Monday night.

This tour would be priced at $849 per passenger.  A cash back plan is in place for this tour too.


Remember on all tours, I’m assuming you get a motel room all to yourself (single occupancy). If you bring more paid guests along, I refund the split cost of the room back to you!

I’ll watch this unfold each day between now and Friday. It is possible the plan would need some adjustment (it is a weather forecast!).

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