May 182013

A Tornado From a Chase in Kansas

A Tornado From a Chase in Kansas

I’m heading out on a storm chase Sunday. This is shaping up to be a significant outbreak of severe storms with tornadoes a real possibility.

We will leave from Springfield sometime during the late morning. The target area will be eastern Kansas and Oklahoma.

For storm chasing, the most ideal set-up for seeing the structure of supercells and for tracking them as they move is for the storms to remain discrete.  This means lone storms with distance between them.  This is looking very likely on Sunday in the area outlined.

As a guest on the tour, you will receive a complete description of what is happening, the meteorology behind the storm, the reasoning for decisions made on the road and the opportunity to ask questions.  Once the storms form, it’s a thrill you won’t soon forget!  A well-developed supercell thunderstorm has fascinating cloud features and is capable of producing hail up to baseball size, 70 mph winds and of course a tornado.

In case any of you are concerned about safety, it’s perhaps time to remind everyone that I don’t take any unnecessary risks during a storm chase.  We certainly do not drive into tornadoes. We may experience a good wind gust or some large hail.  Keep in mind that as a tour guide, I don’t want to get in a large hail storm!  But we can certainly come in behind one.

At this point, I’ve decided to make two (2) day-only chases: Sunday and again Monday. No overnight stay required.  We would be back between Midnight and 1 a.m. at the very latest.

The cost is $199 per guest.  I offer cash back to guests the more I have.  If you have a group of four or five, let me know and I’ll work you up a deal.

If you have ever wanted to go on a guided storm chase tour where the knowledge and experience of a professional meteorologist is coupled with just about a guarantee of powerful supercell thunderstorms and a fairly high probability of tornadoes, then you won’t get a much better chance than these next few days!!!!

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