May 182013

Significant Severe Weather Outbreak Forecast for Sunday

Significant Severe Weather Outbreak Forecast for Sunday

As you might already know, several days of severe weather outbreaks will start with today’s activity over mostly western Kansas and gradually spread eastward by Sunday and Monday.

I put up a three day chase package which would have required leaving today. You can read about this tour here. Time is running out on this one as the tour would have to leave no later than 9 am Saturday morning.

The Storm Prediction Center has put out a moderate risk for day 2, Sunday, for a large portion of  Oklahoma, eastern Kansas and western Missouri.  I will talk about the severe threat for the Ozarks for Sunday (and Monday) in a separate blog.

If you have ever wanted to go on a guided storm chase tour where the knowledge and experience of a professional meteorologist is coupled with just about a guarantee of powerful supercell thunderstorms and a fairly high probability of tornadoes, then you won’t get a much better chance than these next few days!!!!

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I will leave up the modified two chase day tour I came up with a few days ago.  This means two solid days of chasing but only one night’s stay.  The days would be Sunday/Monday with an overnight stay Sunday and a return to Springfield late on Monday evening.

If there is no demand for this package then I’ll break this into two “Quick Shot” tours where we would head out and come back all on the same day. So a one day chase Sunday and another on Monday.

Here are the tour packages:

Option One: Extended Lock and Load

$599 per passenger.

I also giving cash back to guests if the total number of guests is two or more.  Basically, the more guest I have, the better it is for everybody:

2 guests = $30 back

3 guests = $40 back

4 guests = $50 back

5 guests = $60 back


 Option Two: “Quick Shot” Tours, One Chase Day

The cost here is $199 per person.  Cash back for multiple guests!

2 guests = $10 back

3 guests = $20 back

4 guests = $30 back

5 guests = $40 back


Remember on all tours requiring an overnight stay, I’m assuming you get a motel room all to yourself (single occupancy). If you bring more paid guests along, I refund the split cost of the room back to you!

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