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May 262013

SPC Outlook for Severe Storms Monday

SPC Outlook for Severe Storms Monday

The weather pattern this week is evolving much as it did last Saturday-Monday over the central U.S. Several rounds of severe storms will occur with severe weather expected somewhere in the central U.S. each day through at least Thursday.

With regard to my tours, here’s how it might shake out:


I’m considering a “Quick Shot” one day tour to northeastern Kansas on Monday.  I’ve been watching a streak of jet stream winds which could develop over this area, enough to produce supercell thunderstorms.  There would be ample unstable air in place.

We would leave by late morning Monday and come back in between Midnight and 1 a.m.


While the pattern will be slightly more favorable on Tuesday, it will be a tad farther away. While this would normally trigger a “Lock and Load” tour requiring an overnight stay, I have prior commitments on Wednesday which would likely prevent me from chasing.  Tuesday might change into a “Quick Shot” depending on exactly how the pattern evolves. This would be doable, stay tuned for updates!


Prior commitments, no chasing


These are a way off still but there are pretty good indication of a strong jet stream and unstable air will continue to be in close proximity. Chasing is definitely on the table for these days.

As always, contact me on social media or my e-mail if you are interested in an exciting storm chase tour!


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