May 282013

cherokee_tornado_slidesThe system in the central U.S. continues to remain a big player in severe storm and tornado development through Friday.

I have prior commitments on Wednesday, giving several talks on severe storms to CU workers.

On Thursday and Friday, more severe storms are expected. At this time, it looks as if the storm activity on both days will stay east of I-35 in Kansas and Oklahoma. This makes these two days either two separate “Quick Shot” chases (there and back in one day)  or a modified “Lock and Load”  (we chase, stay overnight and chase again the next day before arriving home).

This has been an active spring with lots of noteworthy tornadoes and severe storms.  This pattern is very good for “more of the same”!

Storm chasing is a fantastic experience.  It is thrilling to pick targets, make decisions, watch the storms ignite, track them, make adjustments, check the radar, recheck the data and rethink the chase!  The tour will always push to the absolute limit of daylight to give you every opportunity to see storms.  It’s even better if you don’t have to figure out where to go, fuel the car, buy the technology, the list goes on. Let a professional do the work!

The cost for a “Quick Shot” is $199 with multiple person discounts.

If anyone shows an interest in a “Lock and Load”, the cost is $499 (includes one night stay, single occupancy).  Multiple person discounts and roommate savings would also apply.

This Spring, I have logged over 4,800 miles in storm chasing!  My total fuel costs are around $930. I’m serious about storm chasing and have a desire to make it a trip you won’t forget!

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