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Jun 232013

Morning Clouds and Radar

Morning Clouds and Radar

The Ozarks will continue to see weather fitting for the last week of June, just a tad on the hot side with average humidity.

Like yesterday, the chance for a random shower or thunderstorm is not zero.  The remnants of cool air outflows will be responsible for lifting the warm and unstable air during  mostly the p.m. portion of the afternoon.

The area will come under the increasing influence of a stronger ridge of high pressure aloft which will have the effect of snuffing random rain chances out even more by around Tuesday and Wednesday.

This time of year, an occasional surprise storm line will try and make a run into the Ozarks from the north.  They usually lose their steam quite a bit as they come in as they will be bucking against warmer air aloft and a general flow from the south.

I expected consistent highs in the lower nineties on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Thursday look like the hottest day.

It appears is if a trough of low pressure aloft will try to establish itself over the eastern U.S. starting this weekend.  This would send a cool front through the Ozarks around Friday.  This would either be a clean break to a slightly cooler, less humid air-mass or bring us a period of rain and storms, depending on how the front takes shape. All of this would be on tap for next weekend.


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