Cool and Wet to End July 2013

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Jul 282013

Weather Prediction Center Rain Projection Through Tuesday A.M.

Weather Prediction Center Rain Projection Through Tuesday A.M.

Periods of showers with heavier rain and a few storms will visit the Ozarks over the next few days.

As shown, parts of western Missouri are in an area forecast to receive 3-4″ of rain through combined areas of showers and storms rolling through. This forecast ends Tuesday morning.

The first portion of this is sliding into Missouri and Arkansas this morning.  A band of steady light to occasionally moderate rain is moving into southwest Missouri from the northwest.  The leading edge is running into drier air and eroding away but it should provide Springfield with some very light rain into the early afternoon.

More areas of rain and storms will be approaching from the same direction over the next few days.  The heaviest batch looks like it will affect us by Monday evening and last into the day on Tuesday.

As you might guess, temperatures won’t warm much with clouds and rain in the forecast.   This mornings lows are a good example. Record lows were broken in Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska this morning. I have the ones I know about plotted on The Drawing Board.

We’ll spend most of the upcoming few days with daytime temperatures in the seventies.

It looks like the Ozarks will make a run at near normal temperatures by the end of the week.  However, a least a few more cool fronts of different strengths will affect the area over the next seven days and beyond.

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