July 2013 Compared to July 2012

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Aug 012013

I’m sure you remember but last July was hot!  The month registered 12 one hundred degree days (17 total for the summer).

There was also a crop of record high temperature in July of 2012:

Record Highs 2012

Record Highs 2012

By sharp contrast, July of 2013 contained no one hundreds and no records. We had several hot spells but finished the month very cool.

Just looking at high temperatures, July of 2012 had an average high of 97.6°  In July of 2013, it was only 86.8°.  In climate, a drop in average of over 10 degrees is striking!

The pattern of hot last year lasted into about the first 10 days of August before it finally broke. This year, August will start at or just a smidge below normal.

July 2-13 High/Low TemperaturesJuly 2012 High/Low Temperatures

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