Rain Diminishing, Cooler Weather

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Aug 132013

Temperature Trends Next Few Days

Temperature Trends Next Few Days

All flash flood watches have been lifted for the Ozarks.  High pressure will come in to clear us out and cool us down!

Morning radar images show the heaviest rain down in Oklahoma and Arkansas in and around I-40. This trend will persist thus the flash flood watch has been lifted for the area. Meanwhile, other light showers are drifting in from Kansas.  These will affect areas mainly south of Springfield later this morning.

An area of high pressure will continue to press in over the next few days. This will make our weather even cooler than it has already been!  I expect high temperatures to stay in the seventies on both Wednesday and Thursday.  At the same time, low will drop solidly into the fifties.  Chilly but records should stay intact.

Overall, the forecast suggests cooler than normal weather will persist through the weekend and into early next week.

An upper level disturbance may bring showers back into the forecast by Thursday night and Friday.

The weekend



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