A Taste of Summer Coming

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Aug 212013

Below Normal Run of High Temperatures

Below Normal Run of High Temperatures

The Ozarks is beginning a warming trend which will bring back above normal high temperatures for the first time in about a month.

We have had no nineties in August with 18 ninety-degree days for the year.

Starting on Thursday, nineties will make a comeback into the area. It looks like we’ll be putting a string of such days together which will last into next week,

The missing element for hotter temperatures has been a ridge of high pressure in the upper atmosphere.  This feature will be building over the Ozarks over about the next week.

I don’t expect excessively hot conditions and the humidity, while forecast to be slightly higher, doesn’t look unbearable over upcoming week.

There is a shot at a rain shower as showers and storms forming well to our north slide around the ridge aloft.  This is a long shot at best and is more likely in eastern Missouri. The first time this might happen is on Friday.


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