Hot and Dry

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Aug 232013

Forecast for Flow Aloft on Monday

Forecast for Flow Aloft on Monday

For the next seven days, the Ozarks will be under the influence of a hot and dry weather pattern.

A bubble of high pressure in the upper atmosphere will park over the Ozarks for at least the next seven days.

This will mean a run of highs in the nineties will set up over the area.  I expect consistent highs in the lower nineties by next work week.

The center of the hottest temperatures parks more squarely over the Ozarks by Sunday and Monday and then shows some signs of shifting more westward later in the week.  The differences will be minor temperature changes from day to day.

Humidity will be about average through all of this.  The need for heat advisories will just have to be watched from day to day.

As forecast, this would be the longest stretch of nineties this summer.  The longest runs where 5 days in row in July and June.

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