Nov 162014

An early season snow dumped more than three inches in a few areas of southwest Missouri.

In the middle of a unusually cold blast for middle November, measurable snow fell in the Ozarks on Sunday, November 17th, 2014.

The heaviest snow stretched in a band from just north of Joplin to near Rolla.

Springfield recorded 1.5″ for the day which broke the old snowfall record of .8″.

Some of the highest totals in the Ozarks included:

  • Near Edwards (Benton CO)   4.6″
  • Near Lowery City   4.3
  • Rolla   3.7
  • Buffalo   3.5
  • Lockwood   2.9

Not only did the Ozarks receive an early snow, much of the country is buried in the white stuff.  As of the morning of November, 17th, 2014, just over 50% of the lower 48 states recorded snow cover.  This figure was closer to 12% at this time last year.

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