Jun 172015

What’s left of Tropical Storm Bill will drift north and then northeast, tracking through the Ozarks and dumping some heavy rain.

We were already in a heavy downpour situation with isolated but intense rain and shower areas visiting the Ozarks since the weekend.

Rain totals in small portions of Dade, Polk and Dallas counties on Tuesday night ranged between 2-4″

Tropical storm remnants are very good rain producers so much of the Ozarks are in for a good soaking. I expect a broad area of 3-5″of rain with some isolated totals close to 6″ All of this will occur between now and Friday afternoon. A flash flood watch is in effect for all of the area until 7 pm Friday.

The low pressure area representing this once tropical storm is forecast to track into northwest Arkansas by 1 a.m. Friday morning and spend Friday slowing moving east out of the Ozarks.