A Cooler Break For The Ozarks

 Posted by at 10:56 am on July 21, 2015  Daily Weather Blog, Headlines  Add comments
Jul 212015

A cool front moved into the area and this will affect our temperatures and rain chances in the Ozarks.

Temperatures have backed down quite a bit for today. Expect highs to be running about 10 degrees cooler than the previous 4-5 days. This will put us in the lower 80’s. Nineties won’t be back until Friday and the weekend.

Rain today will mostly be confined to areas south and southwest of Springfield. Some thunder will be mixed in from time to time too.

The front will stall near the Ozarks which will allow rain and storms to spread over the area again starting on Wednesday. The best chances for rain this week will be Wednesday and Thursday.

Hot temperatures return to the Ozarks this weekend!

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