Jul 292015

Slide2The Ozarks have had nearly a week of ninety-degree temperatures with some respectable humidity.  This all starts to change tomorrow.

In fact, some changes will even start today in the Ozarks has a cool front slips south into the area later this afternoon.

Today, I expect highs to barely reach above ninety because of this front. The front will also fire scattered showers and storms by late in the afternoon:


Overall, the chance for rain is on the low side as this front passes through into the evening hours. I don’t expect widespread severe weather to be an issue today or this evening.

The good news is that the cool front will make a clean break of our area, allowing not only cooler conditions but also less humidity for the end of the week.

Another point of relief is seeing overnight low temperature drop into the sixties.

Overall, the jet stream flow aloft will favor a dry and cooler weather pattern for us for the rest of the week and evening into next week.


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