Sep 092015

9-9-2015 6-10-10 AMNice soaking rains kicked in yesterday over most of the Ozarks as a move toward much cooler weather is underway.

Springfield’s official rain totals was 1.47″ on Tuesday. Areas of McDonald, Barry and Dade Counties picked up 2-4″ where minor flooding was an issue.  The rain puts us ahead of average for the month of September.

A cool front will finish pushing through the Ozarks today.  One batch of more steady rain will leave the area this morning. Additional scattered showers and storms will be possible later today.

It will be cooler for the rest of the forecast. Highs today and Thursday will stop right around eighty.  On Friday, another cool front drops readings even more.  Highs will stay in the sixties on Saturday with sunshine!

By Sunday morning, I’m forecasting low temperatures to drop solidly into the forties, real autumnal air!

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