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Radar Products:

I offer lots of different options for radar images and what you use depends on your needs.

Zoom Radar:

This product is the very popular “pan and zoom” radar where you choose the view, anywhere in the Ozarks or across the country.  But it also shows much more than just the precipitation!  You can choose whether to overlay life-threatening warnings, temperatures and wind.

Ozarks Radar:

Sometimes for the sake of speed and convenience, its helpful to have a series of radar images which offer constant views of the Ozarks with a variety of different products such as doppler winds, hail location and estimated rain accumulation.

Thanks to recent improvements to the National Weather Service radar output, these images are fresh approximately every two minutes and I believe they will drop to around one minute in the not-too-distant future.

These radar images also offer speedy loops showing general direction of movement and give you an idea of “trend” for precipitation and storms.

All of these images auto-refresh so you will always be viewing the very latest product.

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