More Rain for the Ozarks

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Sep 082015

9-8-2015 6-05-38 AMA shift in the weather pattern starts today as rain chances improve followed by cooler temperatures.

A cool front is in Kansas early today. This front will make slow but steady progress into Missouri by later today.  It is the reason that showers and storms will be on the increase over the Ozarks later today and early on Wednesday.

Rain chances look healthy with 1-2″ totals common over the area. I’m forecasting the heaviest rain potential for areas just east of Springfield.

Today’s front will be backed up by another on Friday which will keep our temperatures very comfortable through the weekend.

Except for today, I think highs will stay in the seventies for the remainder of the extended forecast.

Low temperatures will drop close to the upper forties by the weekend.


Aug 202015

8-20-2015 5-01-44 AMIt’s a real treat to talk about cool weather in August and my forecast has lots of it!

Now I love summer temperatures too (you can have the high humidity of course!) but it is nice to take a break.

The jet stream flow for the next seven days favors a series of cool fronts passing through the Ozarks. The first of these came through yesterday and our cool morning has been the result.

Temperatures this morning are in the lower fifties with some upper forties being reported.

The high temperatures will average right around 81° for the next four days.  There’s nothing higher than 83° in the seven day forecast!

We do have additional rain chances which happen to time out on the weekend. The first showers and storms may show up as early as Friday night.


Rain and Cool Today

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Aug 192015

8-19-2015 5-54-33 AMIt will rain all morning in the Ozarks!

After some loud thunderstorms last night, we will still hear some thunder this morning. But the focus is changing to more steady rain in the area through at least the morning hours.

A cool front has moved through the Ozarks overnight. This combined with the rain and clouds will mean a very cool day for us. I don’t see high temperatures getting out of the sixties today!

This cool trend of weather will last.  By tomorrow morning, temperatures will drop into the lower fifties as yet another cool bubble of high pressure slides into the Ozarks.

More thunderstorm chances come up Friday night and last into Saturday too.


Aug 182015

8-18-2015 3-44-07 AMA cool front later today will spark quite a few showers and thunderstorms in the Ozarks and give us a very cool Wednesday.

Yesterday’s more isolated showers will be replaced by more organized bands of showers, thunderstorms and just plain rain from now until Wednesday evening.

An upper-level system will travel over Kansas and into Missouri today. Rain connected with this feature will diminish today as it moves east but then re-fire over the Ozarks by late afternoon.

The front will move through overnight with additional areas of showers and storms.

8-18-2015 4-36-54 AMOverall, the threat for widespread severe thunderstorms remains low but there is a small risk for some hail and gusty winds with a few of the stronger storms.

Behind the front on Wednesday, conditions will be chilly for mid-August.  The afternoon temperatures will stay in the sixties over most of the Ozarks.  This same cool air will send our low temperatures down into the lower fifties by Thursday morning.

More general areas of rain with some thunder will be around the area during most of Wednesday afternoon.

The long range forecast calls for temperatures to stay below normal for the next 10 days.





Aug 112015

8-11-2015 6-10-59 AMNorth winds behind a cool front will continue to blow today, making the Ozarks cooler and eventually less humid.

The area of high pressure coming in behind the front will stick around for quite a number of days.  This feature will keep us sunny with temperatures staying in the middle and upper eighties which isn’t too bad for the middle of August!

The humidity has been slower to drop but will begin to do so by later today. It’s this drop in humidity (as measured by the dew point) along with the clear skies which will allow overnight temperatures to tumble down into the lower sixties in many locations for the next few mornings.

With north winds in the upper atmosphere and no fronts or disturbances, rain threats will be hard to come by for at least the next four days.

The weekend temperatures are expected to creep back up to around ninety degrees.



Aug 102015

Wind_GustHeavy rain and gusty winds made a visit to the Ozarks this morning, marking the start of a cooler stretch of weather.

Thunderstorms produced 40-45 mph wind gusts as the approached between 3-4 am.  This was followed by several hours of heavy downpours in spots. A handful of flash flood warnings are in place this morning as a result of the rain.

The rain will persist through the morning hours then slowly slide south of our area by this afternoon.

A cool front will move through the Ozarks later today.  This will mean a nice run of days with cooler weather as high temperatures stop in the middle eighties and lows dip into the sixties.


Hot Sunday with a Cooler Week Ahead

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Aug 092015

Storms Threat/Future Radar

Storms Threat/Future Radar

Today will be hot much but it is hands down the hottest day in the forecast for the next week.

Without any thunderstorms to stop the temperature climb, today should top out in the middle nineties.  Anything above 94° would make this the hottest day of the summer. We hit 94° three times last month.

A Heat Advisory is in effect all afternoon and into the early evening. Look for the Heat Index to rise into the 103-108° range later today.

Storm Review: Damaging wind north of Springfield Saturday morning

A cool front is on the way!  This features will knock our temperature and humidity way down for most all of next week.

More showers and thunderstorms will lead the charge with this front late tonight.  I expect storms to fire to our north and slip south into the Ozarks by late evening and into the overnight hours.  The storms which first start up may produce gusty winds and small hail north of Springfield affecting areas around Lake of the Ozarks, Hermitage and Stockton this evening.

The cooler conditions start on Monday with the high temperature stopping around ninety.  But the real cooler and drier air will kick in Tuesday and last through the rest of the week.  Lows may drop into the lower sixties by Thursday morning while high temperatures stay in the eighties through Friday.