Drought Creeping In

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Jul 182013

Several Inches Shy of Normal Rain Past 30 Days

Several Inches Shy of Normal Rain Past 30 Days

The latest Drought Monitor (July 16th) verifies what we already know, our summertime rain has dropped off.  Drought has come back to a portion of the Ozarks.

Over the past 30 days, the Ozarks have been in the hole with rainfall. The departure of the mean of thirty years is anywhere from 1-3″ below.

The drought monitor for the period ending this past Tuesday puts much of northwest and north-central Arkansas in moderate drought with a few areas into the severe category.

Missouri is fairing slightly better.  Patches of abnormally dry show up in the southwest corner of the state.

It is normal for summertime rain to drop off and be “spotty” in nature.  A perfect example was the isolated but decent rain areas of the past few days.

It appears that a weekend front may spike the chances for rain over a portion of the Ozarks.  Another may be in our future next week.

Drought Monitor - July 16th

Drought Monitor – July 16th