Aug 112015


Looking NE (Credit: Science@NASA)

With high pressure and dry air in place, skies should be clear to view the Perseid Meteor shower tonight.

It’s the summer meteor shower, considered by many to be the best. The Perseids make an appearance every August and viewing this year will get a boost.

First of all, the weather is cooperating. High pressure is slipping into the Ozarks with a lot less humidity and will basically provide clear skies over the area tonight.

Also aiding viewing this year is a new moon, incapable of dimming the view with its reflected sunlight.  This is a switch from the full moon of last year.

Meteor showers are caused when the earth passes through the orbital path of a comet and pieces of comet stuff enter the atmosphere and burn up.  The comet in this case is Swift-Tuttle, last seen in 1992 and not due back until 2126.

8-11-2015 3-25-17 PMGet to the darkest place possible away from city lights for the best viewing.  The radiant direction is from near the constellation Perseus which rises in the northeastern sky by late evening.