Summer to Fall Transistion

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Sep 172015

9-17-2015 6-15-44 AMThe Ozarks is in the middle of a breezy and quite warm weather pattern which all changes this weekend.

It’s toasty for this time of year!  I’m forecasting highs close to ninety both today and on Friday.  This will be accompanied by a healthy breezy out of the south and higher humidity.

The next weather-maker is a cold front which will pass through the Ozarks very early on Saturday.  The showers and storms expected with this front will be here on Friday night.  I hoping that Friday night outdoor activities will be o.k. as the rain should wait until later in the evening.

A few showers may linger early on Saturday and another disturbance may fire some showers again on Sunday.

The weekend will definitely be cooler!  I’m looking for highs back in the seventies on Saturday and Sunday with lows dipping into the fifties.



Fall-Feel Starts Today

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Sep 112015

9-11-2015 6-00-30 AMThe well-advertised push of fall-like air begins today.

Rounds of rain and thunder moved through the Ozarks last night producing gusty winds and some nice downpours.  The cool front diving the rain is moving through the area early today.

For the next several days, cool morning and mild afternoons will be the rule.  I am forecasting lows to drop into the forties on both Saturday and Sunday morning.

On Saturday, our high temperature will probably stay below 70°!

It’s a dry forecast lasting into early next week.


More Rain for the Ozarks

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Sep 082015

9-8-2015 6-05-38 AMA shift in the weather pattern starts today as rain chances improve followed by cooler temperatures.

A cool front is in Kansas early today. This front will make slow but steady progress into Missouri by later today.  It is the reason that showers and storms will be on the increase over the Ozarks later today and early on Wednesday.

Rain chances look healthy with 1-2″ totals common over the area. I’m forecasting the heaviest rain potential for areas just east of Springfield.

Today’s front will be backed up by another on Friday which will keep our temperatures very comfortable through the weekend.

Except for today, I think highs will stay in the seventies for the remainder of the extended forecast.

Low temperatures will drop close to the upper forties by the weekend.


Aug 282015

8-28-2015 5-32-16 AMA few showers and even a thunderstorm will be possible late today and Saturday as a weak cool front tries to move through the Ozarks.

Because of the shifting jet stream winds, this cool front will fade as it moves into the Ozarks this weekend.  It does carry with it a chance for showers and a few thunderstorms.

Today, showers out in Kansas will slowly advance toward the area.  Rain chances go up a bit in the Ozarks this evening as a result.

On Saturday, the same front will be closer to our area and more scattered showers and storms will be possible.

Temperatures will level out in the middle eighties this weekend with the front, some clouds and the showers around.

Once we get into next week, more of a summer pattern will lock into the central U.S. I expect our highs back into the upper eighties with a ninety degree high a possibility.



Some Showers This Weekend

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Aug 212015

8-21-2015 6-09-41 AMThe threat for rain looms this weekend but I do see lots of dry hours too.

Even today, a few light showers may slide into areas of southwest Missouri. The chances for rain today are pretty small and anything that does fall would be light.  I do expect a mix of sun and clouds in the Ozarks today.

On Saturday, pop-up afternoon showers and a few thunderstorms will be on tap. These look most likely in the afternoon and in areas from Springfield eastward.

On Sunday, another cool front will swing through the Ozarks by late afternoon.  This should produce more widespread coverage on rain and a few thunderstorms.  I don’t see a great signal for widespread severe storms with this front.

For all of the next week, it’s back to business as usual with warm days, cool night and low humidity!

Rain and Cool Today

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Aug 192015

8-19-2015 5-54-33 AMIt will rain all morning in the Ozarks!

After some loud thunderstorms last night, we will still hear some thunder this morning. But the focus is changing to more steady rain in the area through at least the morning hours.

A cool front has moved through the Ozarks overnight. This combined with the rain and clouds will mean a very cool day for us. I don’t see high temperatures getting out of the sixties today!

This cool trend of weather will last.  By tomorrow morning, temperatures will drop into the lower fifties as yet another cool bubble of high pressure slides into the Ozarks.

More thunderstorm chances come up Friday night and last into Saturday too.


Aug 182015

8-18-2015 3-44-07 AMA cool front later today will spark quite a few showers and thunderstorms in the Ozarks and give us a very cool Wednesday.

Yesterday’s more isolated showers will be replaced by more organized bands of showers, thunderstorms and just plain rain from now until Wednesday evening.

An upper-level system will travel over Kansas and into Missouri today. Rain connected with this feature will diminish today as it moves east but then re-fire over the Ozarks by late afternoon.

The front will move through overnight with additional areas of showers and storms.

8-18-2015 4-36-54 AMOverall, the threat for widespread severe thunderstorms remains low but there is a small risk for some hail and gusty winds with a few of the stronger storms.

Behind the front on Wednesday, conditions will be chilly for mid-August.  The afternoon temperatures will stay in the sixties over most of the Ozarks.  This same cool air will send our low temperatures down into the lower fifties by Thursday morning.

More general areas of rain with some thunder will be around the area during most of Wednesday afternoon.

The long range forecast calls for temperatures to stay below normal for the next 10 days.





Aug 172015

8-17-2015 6-18-28 AMAfter a long absence, rain will visit the Ozarks again this week along with a few storms.

While most areas will stay dry today, there is an isolated shower or storm risk this afternoon.  Aside from this, the Ozarks will be very warm and somewhat humid today. I’m looking at high temperatures just shy of ninety.

On Tuesday, a cool front sweeps into the area.  This should provide us with several chances for showers and thunderstorms.  Most of the storms should stay below the limits of being severe. The Storm Prediction Center has a marginal risk for severe storms in the Ozarks with a slightly better chance upstate closer to the Kansas City area.

The cool front stalls a bit on Wednesday. This should provide us with a more steady rain in the regional with some thunder.  This will be a cool day too with temperatures on Wednesday struggling to get out of the sixties!


Aug 162015

gfs_ptype_slp_mc_14Dry weather continues in the Ozarks through Monday with typical summer heat and humidity.

The high which brought us our stretch of fantastic weather is beginning to move far enough to the east to allow the return of slightly higher temperatures and humidity levels to the Ozarks.

The changes in out weather start on Tuesday as scattered showers and thunderstorms start to break out.  This activity is out ahead of a cool front which will affect our weather on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

I’m expecting more areas of general rain on Wednesday as the front hangs up a bit.  With the front, the rain and clouds, temperatures will stop in the seventies on Wednesday. By Thursday morning, look for upper fifties in the Ozarks.

Our rain in August as measured at the airport has been decent with a total of 4.70″ which of course fell mostly in the first week of the month.  This puts us ahead for the month with more rain to come next week.

8-16-2015 8-55-42 AMAfter a very quiet start to the hurricane season in the Atlantic, there is a tropical disturbance way out there south of the Cape Verde Islands with about a 40% chance for development over the next five days.

Aug 102015

Wind_GustHeavy rain and gusty winds made a visit to the Ozarks this morning, marking the start of a cooler stretch of weather.

Thunderstorms produced 40-45 mph wind gusts as the approached between 3-4 am.  This was followed by several hours of heavy downpours in spots. A handful of flash flood warnings are in place this morning as a result of the rain.

The rain will persist through the morning hours then slowly slide south of our area by this afternoon.

A cool front will move through the Ozarks later today.  This will mean a nice run of days with cooler weather as high temperatures stop in the middle eighties and lows dip into the sixties.