Mar 052015

snow030515The Ozarks received measurable snow in early March with the heavier totals far southeast of Springfield.

Springfield’s official measurement of snow was 1.2″ in this latest in a series of winter storms.  The Springfield area and Greene County picked up on average 1 to 2 inches of snow.

Snow totals were somewhat higher southeast of town in extreme southern Missouri where three to perhaps as much as four inches were reported.  Northern Arkansas got the most snow with 6-8″ totals common.

Here is a list of the snow reports by city in the Ozarks:

Ozark 3″
Kimberling City 3″
Ava 2.5″
Forsyth 2.3″
Mt. Vernon 2″
Pleasant Hope 2″
Brixey 2″
Anderson 1.7″
Springfield NWS 1.2″

The snow started as sleet early on Wednesday morning and then quickly turned to snow in Springfield by mid-morning. Most of the accumulated snow fell in the morning and early afternoon.  Areas far southeast of Springfield had snow accumulations well into the evening hours.

Springfield now has a season total of 15.8″ of snow.  12.1″, or just over a foot, of the season total fell in the second half of February!  Curiously, 1.7″ fell in November, beating both December and January’s totals.

Feb 032015

Thus far, snow has been a big no show in the Ozarks this winter.

Our total snowfall this winter in Springfield stands at 2.5″  Normal through this date is around 11″ which puts us behind by 8.5″.

Making news lately (and likely for a bit longer) has been the very active storm track and the snow that comes with it in the northeast and upper Midwest.

nosnow2Saturday through Monday, Chicago recorded 19.3″ on snow.  16.2 inches fell in one day which the most of any February day on record.

The northeast has gotten slammed with snow lately too.  The much-advertised “#Blizzard of 2015″ spared New York City but pounded areas of eastern New England with around 30″ of snow! Another storm (the Chicago storm farther east) put down an additional 10-12 inches in the same area. Boston is now at 53.4” for the season!

The reason for the lack of snow in the Ozarks has been the persistent jet stream flow out of the west-northwest which mostly produces fast-moving, relatively warm weather systems which pass near the Ozarks.  These same weather systems often produce snow on the northern, colder side (Chicago) or wrap-up when they reach the east coast of the U.S.

Nov 162014

An early season snow dumped more than three inches in a few areas of southwest Missouri.

In the middle of a unusually cold blast for middle November, measurable snow fell in the Ozarks on Sunday, November 17th, 2014.

The heaviest snow stretched in a band from just north of Joplin to near Rolla.

Springfield recorded 1.5″ for the day which broke the old snowfall record of .8″.

Some of the highest totals in the Ozarks included:

  • Near Edwards (Benton CO)   4.6″
  • Near Lowery City   4.3
  • Rolla   3.7
  • Buffalo   3.5
  • Lockwood   2.9

Not only did the Ozarks receive an early snow, much of the country is buried in the white stuff.  As of the morning of November, 17th, 2014, just over 50% of the lower 48 states recorded snow cover.  This figure was closer to 12% at this time last year.

Lake-Effect Small Snowflakes in the Ozarks

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Nov 132014

lakeeffectUnder the right conditions, the reservoirs in the Ozarks can actually produce light snow!

The conditions would include:

  • Warm waters, usually found in late fall and early winter
  • Cold winds blowing over the proper fetch of any given body of water

These conditions were met this morning near the lakes north of Springfield.

Lake effect snow can be brought about when cold air blows over a large fetch of relatively warm water. The air both picks up warmth and humidity, leading to an unstable condition in the lower atmosphere.

The Springfield National Weather Service sent out a tweet which shows the “lake-effect” clouds and light snow nicely!

May 042013


Clouds, Radar and Temperature This Morning

It’s still snowing this morning in portions of southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas. This will gradually ease up by mid-morning although areas of drizzle will persist through much of the day.

The Springfield snow total for yesterday was 1.4″. This was the latest measurable snow recorded in Springfield.  We did have snow reported after midnight too, I don’t think it added up to more than a trace.  Springfield also recorded a record cold high temperature of 36° on Friday.

The upper level low is still spinning around over the Ozarks.  Drier and slightly warmer air is being drawn into this circulation so the snow should stop this morning.  Areas of light showers or drizzle will persist however through the day.  I don’t expect our high will get much above the lower 40’s. Wow.

This low is forecast to keep moving east and out of the area through Sunday.  This will mean a gradual warm-up for the Ozarks.  Sunday should see highs in the 50’s. Sixties and seventies will come back for the work week.

A disturbance over the western U.S. should begin to move into the central U.S. by mid-week.  This will start to interact with more humidity in the area to produce some showers and thunderstorm in the area by around Thursday and Friday.

May 022013


6 a.m. Temperatures

Temperatures are falling in the Ozarks as a strong area of out of season cold air stays for a couple of days.

In Springfield, (and in most of the Ozarks) temperatures will gradually fall today through the fifties and into the forties by later afternoon. The far eastern portion of the Ozarks will actually warm a little before the front arrives later today.

The main calling card of this cold air system will be heavy and steady rain.  This rain will begin later today and last overnight into early Friday.  Rain totals are expected to range from 1-2.5″ over the next three days with the bulk of that falling later today and tonight.

Then there is much talked about snowflake chances.  There are two opportunities for wet snow to mix in (or just be snow?) coming up. The first is the back edge of the rain shield later tonight as the column of air cools enough to support snow. My latest “Drawing Board” depicts this area.

Another chance will occur tomorrow night in the center of the coldest core of air aloft as it drifts somewhere over northern Arkansas or extreme southern Missouri.

In both cases, nighttime is favored and pure, widespread snow might be hard to come by. It would be difficult to get any accumulations on roads but in some areas, grassy accumulation would not be out of the question!

Rainfall Projection Through Saturday.

Rainfall Projection Through Saturday.

The “cut-off” upper level low will gradually leave the area this weekend.  Frost or freeze conditions will have to watched closely but my feeling is that cloud cover, lots of moisture and some wind will all help to reduce the threat of frost despite temperatures which will be in the thirties for several mornings.


Snow and Seventies

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Apr 012013


Weather Map at 6:15 a.m.

A cold front will put everyone into a Spring slump and will be enough to cause snow to fly again in the Ozarks!

Colder Air

The colder air has already begun to press into the Ozarks this morning. Temperatures are much colder to our north and north winds are increasing in upstate Missouri.

All of this means we’ll be at least twenty degrees cooler than we were yesterday (which was 66°!).

So look for temperatures to only peak into the forties today with a wind to go with it!  It will be slightly warmer in northern Arkansas, perhaps seeing some fifties there.

Then There’s the Snow!

Precipitation will be breaking out behind the cold front later tonight. This will last into Tuesday as well.  While much of this will be rain showers, snow can certainly mix into this especially later tonight.  No accumulations are expected.


This will be a fairly raw day for the season as temperatures stay on the low side of the forties and rain showers persist.  There is even some indication now that showers may persist into a portion of Wednesday.  An upper level low will slowly travel just south of the area during this time, extending the shower chances.


Thursday and into the weekend, much warmer conditions will take hold!

In fact, I think that seventies are in the cards for us this coming weekend!  This is all part of a pattern shift taking place which will feature a trough of low pressure out west, encouraging warm and eventually more humid conditions to move in by early next week.

Storm Chasing

My latest storm chase forecast is up and the above mentioned pattern shift will aid in the possibility of severe storms over the Great Plains perhaps starting on Sunday. This may be an opportunity for a “Lock and Load” storm chase tour!  Please E-mail me at if you are interested!




Mar 302013

Radar/Temperatures at 8 a.m.

Radar/Temperatures at 8 a.m.

Showers and some thunder will visit the Ozarks today but Easter Sunday should be fantastic!

More Rain

Rain on morning radar is showing up in southwest Missouri and over much of eastern Kansas.  This activity is sliding east-southeast this morning and will affect the area through about Noon.  Some thunder may be included in this batch of rain but no severe weather is expected.

More scattered showers and storms might redevelop later today along a wind shift line. While there is an outside chance for some hail with these storms, the overall threat of severe weather remains low for much of the area.

Some folks may pick up an additional .25 to .75″ of rain, especially the more south and southwest your location is from Springfield.

I’ve outlined the heavier rain and hail areas I expect today on the Drawing Board.

Great Easter!

Mostly sunny skies and gorgeous temperatures await us this Easter!  Sunrise is at 7 a.m. on Sunday and skies should be clear to partly cloudy.

After starting in the upper forties, the day should quickly warm and all areas of the Ozarks should go back into the sixties!

April Fool’s Day

Monday will be colder as a fresh shot of cold air arrives the night before.

Precipitation forming behind the front will take the form of a chilly rain during the day Monday and may mix with or change over to a wet snow for some Monday evening.  No accumulation is expected with this snowfall but hard to discuss in early April!

Rest of the Workweek

The week looks dry and chilly for Tuesday and Wednesday but warms by the end.  We should get sixties back by the end of the week and into the following weekend.





Mar 292013

Computer Model Temperature Trends

Computer Model Temperature Trends

It’s a forecast which includes thunder, sixties and snow as Easter Sunday and the first days of April come into sight.

Showers Today

Early morning radar shows rain showers and some thunder rumbles out there. Light to moderate rain at times. The bands of rain are sliding ESE and will begin to depart the area by late morning and early afternoon.

More showers and a few thundershowers will form later tonight in a similar pattern.  These I think might lean a tad more to the south, be slightly heavier and track in about the same way.

Staying Warm

It will stay warm through the weekend!  Highs will be in the sixties today through Sunday.  Easter Sunday looks great with clearing skies and highs in the lower and middle sixties!

A wind-shift will come in Saturday evening and provide the focus for another round of showers and storms. A few of these storms out over Kansas and Oklahoma could develop some gusty winds and hail but as of now, this doesn’t look like a huge issue for the Ozarks on Saturday.

The rain and thunder along this wind in the wind will be healthy, nice additional Spring rains! And it will be gone by early Sunday morning.

Some Monday Snow?

Some Monday Snow?

Cold/Snow Shot

The beginning of April unfortunately will start cold once again as we go back to our old ways of highs in the forties and lows in the twenties.  This will be the case on Monday and Tuesday with more mild conditions by the end of next week.

On Monday, a mix of rain and snow will develop behind the cold air advance and by nightfall could just be pure snow in the Ozarks.


Mar 242013

Radar (Rain/Snow) at 5:50 a.m.

Radar (Rain/Snow) at 5:50 a.m.

Snow and wind are rapidly developing and/or moving toward the Ozarks!

Snow rates of 1-2″ per hour are possible in portions of Kansas and Missouri this early hour as a winter storm revs up.

Wind Gusts at 5 a.m.

Wind Gusts at 5 a.m.

The snow will march from east to west across Missouri this morning.  Travel north to Kansas City is not recommended!

The heaviest snow band for accumulations in excess of 8″ will track north of Springfield this morning and early afternoon.

My Drawing Board has been updated with the latest snow forecast.

In addition to the snow, gusty north to northwest winds will exceed 30 mph at times during the late morning and early afternoon hours. This will reduce visibility more in some areas.

Movement of Rain/Snow Line Today

Movement of Rain/Snow Line Today

This snow has already starting in Joplin. I’d estimate a changeover to snow in Springfield around 7:30 a.m. I included the approximate movement of the rain/snow line over the Ozarks today: