Hurricane Danny 8/21/2015

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Aug 212015

Compact Hurricane Danny is swirling along in the central Atlantic and is doing pretty much what forecasters thought it would do.

At a category one storm, Danny has estimated winds of 74-95 mph.  It is still heading to the west-northwest.  On this pace, Danny will affect the northern Leeward Islands by late Sunday.

Danny is fighting an uphill battle as it heads west.  It will encounter drier air through a greater depth of the atmosphere.  Also, stronger winds in the upper atmosphere (shear) will begin to affect this storm.  Also, interaction with the the terrain features of Puerto Rico may also disrupt Danny.  For all of these reasons, the official forecast has Danny weakening to a tropical storm by Sunday.


Tropical Storm Danny, 8/19/15

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Aug 192015

Tropical Storm Danny is way out in the Atlantic today and might get a tad stronger over the next few days.

First of all, Danny is about 3000 miles from Florida so there is no immediate threat to the U.S. from this storm unless you count Puerto Rico!

The official forecast from the National Hurricane Center has this tropical storm strengthening to a category one hurricane over the next few days.  The track will almost certainly be to the west-northwest.

Danny is going to run into two issues which may weaken it. One, there is a lot of dry air (yellow in the water vapor image) which tends to snuff out tropical systems.

The second might be interaction with terrain if indeed it survives to Puerto Rico.  Mountains on some of the larger Caribbean islands can break the low pressure circulation up on these type of storms.

I’ll wait a few days to see if Danny can hold together and then type up another update.



Aug 042015