Aug 152015

8-15-2015 7-57-08 AM

Morning fog in the river valleys north and east of Springfield

No doubt the Ozarks has had a fantastic run of weather lately which I’m happy to say will last into this weekend!

Comfy lows in the sixties, daily highs in the eighties and low humidity have been the rule.  Saturday and Sunday will be much the same with only a small increase in heat and humidity. Average seasonal highs are near ninety and that’s exactly what we’ll get this weekend.

I found some weather!  A combination of a backward moving disturbance drifting just south of the Ozarks and an approaching cool front will bring showers and storms back into the Ozarks.

Monday will see a few isolated storms pop up in the afternoon. By Tuesday, the chance for showers and thunderstorms increases. Overall, the best chance for rain looks like Tuesday night and early Wednesday.

Temperatures crash behind the front with some morning lows in the upper fifties possible by Thursday morning.


Start of a Great Weekend

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Aug 142015

High Pressure, Cool Mornings

High Pressure, Cool Mornings

It’s been a touch on the cool side for middle August but I don’t think many folks are complaining!

The sprawling area of high pressure which first arrived earlier in the week will still be around today and through the weekend.  It has provided the Ozarks with fantastic weather for all of the kids going back to school and this trend will continue through early next week.

Daytime highs will start to approach ninety (about average) for this time of year by Sunday.  Humidity will remain decent for several more days to come.

For those heading to Park Central Square for the Route 66 Festival, no weather worries today or this weekend!

Rain probabilities going up next week (click on to loop)

Rain probabilities going up next week (click on to loop)

Some “weather” finally starts showing up Wednesday when a cool front drops in. This is our next best chance for showers and thunderstorms.  It looks like the best chance is late Wednesday and into Thursday.


Aug 082015

8-8-2015 8-26-40 AMThis weekend will be a sizzle in the Ozarks with highs well into the nineties.

This morning, a band of storms has done well surviving from Kansas into western Missouri.  These storms will move deeper into Missouri and may contain some hail and gusty winds in areas northwest of Springfield.

Otherwise, the region will be hot both today and Sunday.  Highs will reach into the lower nineties today and middle nineties on Sunday.

The Heat Index (HI) will top 100° easily on both weekend days and may briefly rise over 105° during the late afternoon and early evening on Sunday.

A Heat Advisory is in effect for the Ozarks both today and Sunday.

A cool front will arrive on Monday with a few thunderstorms. This front will being out daily highs back down into the eighties to start next week.

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Small Storm Chance Remains

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Aug 062015

8-6-2015 5-44-03 AMAfter a good soaking rain yesterday, more storms are possible later today but much more widely scattered.

The trailing end of the rain and storm area that passed through the Ozarks yesterday is in Arkansas this morning.  It will swing back north through the area later today and this evening.

Storm and showers which form along this feature should be more scattered in nature and kick in from late afternoon until early evening.

Temperatures in the Ozarks are going back up starting today. I’m looking for highs to reach into the upper eighties this afternoon.

A run of ninety-degree days looks likely starting Friday and running into next week.  The hottest day looks like Sunday with maximum temperatures in the middle nineties.

A cool front will come into the weather picture by the middle of next week.


Great Summer Weather

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Jul 312015

As we close out the month of July, the weather in the Ozarks is seasonably warm with reasonable humidity. Great stuff!

This weather is locked in for a while.   I’m seeing our daily high temperatures maxing out around ninety-degrees today and this weekend.  Also impressive are cooler overnight lows in the sixties while humidity stays in check.

It looks like temperatures will increase a few ticks early next week reaching the lower nineties.

Forecast from Wednesday morning 8/5.

Forecast from Wednesday morning 8/5.

A cool front moves in by the middle of next week. Showers and storms may form in connection with this feature.




Cooler And Less Humid

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Jul 302015

In summer, areas of high pressure are always welcome and today’s high is no exception!

Through yesterday, Springfield recorded a week straight of ninety-degree highs, accompanied by “elevated” humidity.

With the passing of last night’s cool front (producing essentially no rain), our high temperatures will back off, staying in the upper eighties to around ninety.  Humidity will back down too with dew points backing down into the sixties.

Overnight lows will drop into the sixties for several days to come which also helps out the mood, especially starting out the day!

The weekend looks fairly normal as readings average right around ninety for peak temperatures.

Heat may build up again slightly by early next week during the first few days of August.

The next chance for rain in the Ozarks looks like Wednesday.




A Tad Hotter Then Relief in Sight

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Aug 292013

Cooler Weather By Tuesday

Cooler Weather By Tuesday

Temperatures in the Ozarks will continue a slow creep upwards into the Labor Day weekend.

We will add a few more degrees to the high temperatures for the next few days, putting us up in the middle nineties on Saturday and perhaps Sunday.  As of yesterday, Springfield has logged 24 ninety-degree days.

The Labor Day weekend will start hot which is great news for all lake and pool folks.  But cooler air will trickle in for Labor Day itself, a welcome break from the latest heat.

Along the way, a few isolated to scattered showers and storms are possible on Sunday. This activity doesn’t look very widespread at this point.

The cooler air will last into the middle of next week.  Highs will return to the eighties.


Hot and Dry

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Aug 232013

Forecast for Flow Aloft on Monday

Forecast for Flow Aloft on Monday

For the next seven days, the Ozarks will be under the influence of a hot and dry weather pattern.

A bubble of high pressure in the upper atmosphere will park over the Ozarks for at least the next seven days.

This will mean a run of highs in the nineties will set up over the area.  I expect consistent highs in the lower nineties by next work week.

The center of the hottest temperatures parks more squarely over the Ozarks by Sunday and Monday and then shows some signs of shifting more westward later in the week.  The differences will be minor temperature changes from day to day.

Humidity will be about average through all of this.  The need for heat advisories will just have to be watched from day to day.

As forecast, this would be the longest stretch of nineties this summer.  The longest runs where 5 days in row in July and June.

Steady Summer Weather

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Aug 222013

Branson Sunset Last Evening

Branson Sunset Last Evening

Don’t look for a lot of surprises in the weather over the next seven days as summer temperatures park over the Ozarks.

We are about to wrap up a run of below normal high temperatures which is now at 29 days. If the streak doesn’t end today, then it certainly will over the next few days.

The cool temperature run featured no nineties and a lowest low of 55° on the 15th of August.

Now, a ridge of higher pressure aloft will mean a return to slightly above normal temperatures and basically a summer pattern of weather.

I see a very gradual climb in temperature over about the next days days.  My forecast puts lower nineties in the Ozarks for much of next week.

Rain chances are minimal.  A weak cool front sliding into eastern Missouri from the east on Friday could spark an isolated shower off to the east of Springfield but it’s a long shot at best.

The humidity is building however it appears the combination of this humidity and the forecast heat  won’t be enough for advisories for the most part.  It will be tracked on a daily basis.

Satellite Derived Smoke Areas

Satellite Derived Smoke Areas

Finally, did you notice the red moonrise and sunset last night?  Smoke from western forecast fires appears to be adding an extra reddening to these events!


Aug 162013

Looking Great on Saturday!

Looking Great on Saturday!

It’s shaping up to be a fantastic weekend in the Ozarks!

This morning, a small deck of clouds is sweeping through the Ozarks keeping the low temperatures just a tad warmer than the previous morning.  We had a low of 55° in Springfield yesterday morning and West Plains dropped to 50°, breaking a low temperature record by one degree.

It’s been an amazing run of cool weather.  Our string of below normal days stands at 23 now with more to come.

This weekend will be just a touch warmer as high temperatures in the eighties return by Sunday.  The trend toward warmer temperatures will continue into next week when I expect some upper eighties in the Ozarks.  The normal high, which peaks at ninety in July, is starting to fall and in fact drops from 90° to 87° by the end of the month.

I don’t see significant chances for rain in the forecast.