Tornado Ted’s Storm Chase Tours



I am offering two ways for folks to join me when I storm chase.

Storm Based

There are times when storms are forecast to develop close enough to the Ozarks to either chase in one day (no overnight stay) or perhaps a couple of days.

When and where these tours occur will depend on the weather pattern itself and on my work and personal schedule.  They will heavily lean towards weekends but could happen at anytime.

If your are interested in these short and fast tours, you will have to be ready to leave with very short notice!

“Brewing Up A Storm”

I’m excited to announce a brand new tour which will run in the spring of 2016 which will combine my two favorite things: storm chasing and craft beer!

It makes total sense to bring these two passions together.  Storm chasing is a daytime endeavor which doesn’t usually kick in until after noon and ends at dark.

Craft beer has spread over the last 5-10 years to include many microbreweries all over the Great Plains and Midwest in the areas we would most liking be chasing storms. Why not sample these fine beers while we’re out there?

“Brewing Up A Storm” would be a 7-10 day tour most likely running in May 2016.  I will continue to develop this idea over the next few weeks and have more details for you soon!


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