Bill Corcoran, PhD
Missouri State University

“Ted has taught to Atmospheric Science at Missouri State University for years in addition to holding down a ‘real job’ with KOLR-TV (2010).  We’ve always felt fortunate to have a ‘media star’ teaching for us, because of the good public relations it provides.  In addition, Ted’s passion for severe storms led me to propose a field course in storm chasing, to be run mostly by him with my help—I told him that I’d take care of the bookwork and logistics if he would lead the forecasting and chasing.
It happened in June, 2009.  Ted and I took a class of 21 undergraduate students on a 9-day excursion chasing storms.  On our last possible day in the field, we chased down a tornado (and coincidentally the whole Vortex 2 armada) in Wyoming—it was the dream of a lifetime come true for 23 people.  Now, the only reason for that success was Ted’s supervision and forecasting; had we been 5 minutes later to our viewing location, we would have missed the tornado.   I firmly believe that the success we had was entirely due to Ted’s knowledge and leadership.  For this I shall be forever grateful.
It is just impossible to overstate how professional, prepared, and focused Ted is on getting his crew to the right place a the right time.  You are chasing with the best in the profession when you are chasing with Ted”

Jake Lipanovich
Senior, Missouri State University

“This past Spring (2009) I was lucky enough to go on a storm chasing trip with Ted Keller .  I shared a van with Ted throughout the trip and really learned a lot by watching him use his mobile weather lab as we chased; he’d even give us detailed forecasts and explanations for he was looking for to find severe weather systems.  The trip was an overall success with a sighting of a fully formed tornado! (at a safe distance of course)  It is something I’ve always wanted to do and was definitely a great experience that will stay with me for life.”

Bruce Clemens
Ozarks Technical Community College Administrator

I had the pleasure of storm chasing with Ted multiple times when he first started. He was able to expertly position us for a safe, exciting experience of some awesomely beautiful and powerful Midwest storms. I’ll never forget the thrill of seeing my first funnel and the eerie green sky. But beyond the excitement, the long day was chock full of fascinating and interesting information and interpretation of what we were seeing. The hunt is much of the fun- Watching Ted expertly analyze the computer data as he looks at cloud formations and makes the next decision of where to head is truly amazing. Ted is a real “Sherlock Holmes” of storms!”