Typical Chase Day


You can expect to start most days between about 8-10 am, depending on the storm target area for the day and the driving requirements to get there.

After everyone eats breakfast, we will gather as a group in the motel lobby for the daily weather briefing.  This will consist of a review of the days weather pattern using the Internet or other instructional tools such as maps or handouts.  Questions are encouraged at this point.

We then pack up and drive to the target area.  We will  make at least one stop to assess the forecast for severe storms and possibly adjust our target area.  Another stop will likely be made for lunch.  All of this assumes a traditional firing of severe storms sometime between say 4 pm and dusk.  This plan may be altered depending on the weather!

While driving, I will be wearing a wireless intercom system so that everyone in the van can clearly hear important information involving storm structure, decision-making, sights of interest, weather and storm tidbits and just general entertainment!

We will most likely not eat dinner at the traditional time in that this is also the time frame that storms should be at their strongest  More often that not, dinner will be after dark.

At some point during the afternoon, we will make arrangements for lodging.  We will always strive for national motel chains which are clean and hopefully offer a Continental breakfast.  The only time I may have to improvise is if too many chasers have converged on a town making rooms scarce but we will do everything possible to avoid this!

After we settle in, a review of the day is also planned, assuming everyone isn’t too worn out!